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Punishment vs Discipline

To watch the video version click here. Today, we’re going to talk about punishment vs discipline. I talked about this a few times in the


Trauma Bonding

To watch the video version click here. Hello everyone! Welcome to the third season of the MudRoom! It’s 2020! Can you believe it? I’m really


Planning For Failure

To watch the video version click here. In Ontario, it’s report card time and parent/teacher interview time. I had an interesting conversation with my son’s

Declump your priorities blog
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DECLUMP Your Priorities!

To watch the video version of Declump Your Priorities, click here. I think because on the surface the behaviour all looks the same, parents tend

Build Skills Post

Building Skills

To watch the video version, click here It’s Easier to Raise Strong Children Than Fix broken men. Frederick Douglas I get tons of questions about how

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