Screen Time Without Screams!

Your Guide to Setting Healthy Digital Boundaries

Worried about your little one turning into a digital zombie?

As your go-to expert in decoding the dilemmas of parenting and a fellow navigator of the tech-saturated seas, I’ve witnessed the spectrum: the screen battles, the guilt, and the endless quest for balance.

Yes, watching our kids marvel at the digital world is wonderful, but let’s face it, finding the right balance between screen time and scream time is tricky at best.

Through years of experience and endless deep breaths, I’ve crafted strategies to transform screen time from a foe to a friend, fostering independence and peace at home. And guess what? I’m beyond excited to share these game-changing insights with you!

Ready to turn screen time struggles into a harmonious blend of learning, fun, connection? Let’s embark on this journey together and make digital harmony a reality in your home.

Enter: The Screen Time Workshop

From 'Just Five More Minutes!' to 'What's Next?'

Managing screen time is not just about limiting hours in front of a screen.

It’s a golden opportunity to guide your children towards becoming digitally literate and creative thinkers, while also ensuring they engage with the world around them.

You’ll discover a sense of balance and fulfillment, feeling more connected to your children and less concerned about their digital habits, when they learn to navigate the digital world responsibly.

A harmonious blend of digital and real-life experiences is a win-win for the entire family!

Who is this workshop perfect for?

Setting thoughtful boundaries with screentime will:

Most importantly, being intentional with screentime teaches your child to take responsibility for their own screen use, guiding them towards self-regulation and mindful digital habits. This approach not only fosters a healthier relationship with technology but also empowers them to make wise choices in their digital interactions, paving the way for a lifetime of balanced screen use.

Imagine an evening where screentime discussions evolve into moments of learning and connection, and weekends that are a blend of digital creativity and real-world adventures. With this workshop, you'll unlock the strategies to make these visions a tangible part of your family's life.

Here's What's Included:

The Workshop:

Unlock the Screen Time Secrets in Just 30 Minutes!

A pre-recorded workshop (so you can access it at a time that works best for you) covering:

  • Understanding Screentime: Unpack the myths and realities of digital engagement and learn to differentiate between passive consumption and active, educational interaction.

  • Strategic Screentime Planning: Discover how to create a balanced digital diet for your child, incorporating educational content that promotes cognitive growth, emotional intelligence, and social skills.

  • Empowering Responsible Use: Gain insights into fostering self-regulation in your child’s screentime habits, including setting clear boundaries, using visual timers for management, and encouraging interactive screen use that aligns with your family’s values.

The Q&A:

Get Your Burning Questions About Independent Play Answered!

Join Allana for an enriching live Zoom Q&A session on March 20th at 1pm ET where you can connect with other parents walking the same path of nurturing responsibility in their little ones.

This session is a haven of support and guidance, designed to address your pressing concerns and help you foster a harmonious home environment. No question is too small or challenge too big when we tackle them together, leveraging Allana’s deep well of knowledge and expertise. Gain personalized strategies to navigate your child’s growth with confidence and poise. Step into a space where empathy meets authority, providing you with the insights and support to cultivate responsibility seamlessly in your child. Let’s collaborate to build a future of well-rounded individuals, starting with this engaging and informative session.


Extras to Support Your Journey to Independent Mornings.

  1. Creating Effective Visual Schedules: Step-by-step guidance on setting up a visual schedule to show your children when screen time will be available, and when it isn’t- infusing predictability into their day!

  2. The Screen Time Playbook: A PDF guide walking you through how to turn passive screen time into active and engaging time (y’know- beyond Cosmic Yoga and Body Break videos!)

Ready to empower your child with responsible screentime habits?

Get the Screen Time Workshop

$ 50
  • Pre-Recorded 30-Minute Screen Time Workshop
  • 6 Months Access
  • 30-Minute Personal Q&A Voxer with Allana
  • Bonus: The Screen Time Play Book
  • Bonus: How to Set Up a Visual Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The workshop is designed to address and provide solutions for common screentime challenges, including excessive use, tantrums when transitioning away from screens, and reliance on screens for entertainment. You’ll learn how to reverse these habits and promote a healthier, more engaged approach to digital use.

Each segment of the workshop includes practical tips and actionable steps that you can start implementing right away. From setting up visual timers to creating a ‘digital diet’ for your child, you’ll have all the tools you need to make immediate changes.

Once the Live Q&A is complete you have options for adding on private coaching calls or applying the cost of your workshop towards your first month of ParentAbility for ongoing support. 

Your convenience is paramount to us. Your workshop includes 6 months of access to the workshop- allowing you to work through the materials whenever and wherever you want! Your Voxer Q&A can be booked on your schedule- and since it’s audio-only you can take it from the toilet or the top of a mountain- as long as you have wifi!

Ready to make screentime a positive, empowering part of your child's day? Join the Screentime Workshop now!

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