Set Up Your Child's Regulation Cycle

All the parenting gurus are telling you to “regulate, then teach” …but HOW?!


When I discovered the power of active regulation as an early interventionist…it changed everything.

Kids who were violent, defiant, and downright rude suddenly just…weren’t anymore.

Regulation quickly became the cornerstone of my early intervention programming- kids who’d been stuck in a destructive cycle for years were thriving.

As a Mom, I implemented this cycle with my then-2 year old  and it was magic.

So when I moved into parent coaching, I knew that I had to share this incredibly powerful tool with y’all.

Enter: The Regulation Cycle Workshop

The Key To A Competent, Calm, Independent Child!

A Regulation Cycle is a daily routine that actively teaches your child how to recognize that they’re becoming stressed and manage that stress (both on their own and with your help!)

Now, it’s been the centre of my ParentAbility program for 5 years- and parents are seeing night and day transformations. From hitting, yelling, and stubborn refusal…to happy, calm, competent kids who listen!

Who is this workshop perfect for?

Setting up an effective regulation cycle for your child will:

But most importantly: your days will be predictable, consistent, and calm so that the entire family can enjoy being together! 

Can you imagine being able to predict when your child will begin to get upset and exactly how to bring them back to calm?! After this workshop- you will.

Here's What's Included:

The Workshop:

Unlock the Secrets of Consensual Rough Play in Just 30 Minutes!

A pre-recorded workshop (so you can access it at a time that works best for you) covering:

  • What regulation is (so you can recognize when your child is regulated or dysregulated.) 

  • How to figure out what your child finds REALLY regulating, kind of regulating, and dysregulating so you can set up a regulation cycle that will keep your kid calm all day long. 

  • How to set up that regulation cycle so it fits within your existing lifestyle and commitments and doesn’t take over your life.

The Q&A:

Get Your Burning Questions About Rough Play Answered!

Join Allana for an exclusive 30-minute Voxer Q&A voice chat, where we tackle your toughest parenting challenges head-on, with a touch of playful informality. Say goodbye to those nagging doubts and frustration as we delve deep into understanding your child’s behavior and discover effective solutions together. With Allana’s empathetic and authoritative voice, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to raise your little one into a rough play superstar. Book your Q&A at your convenience, and let’s make parenting a joyful journey of growth and connection.

  • Personalized Guidance: Get your burning questions answered and receive tailored advice for your child’s defiance, emotional dysregulation, aggression, and social skills.
  • No More Guesswork: Understand why your child behaves the way they do, empowering you to address challenges proactively and effectively.
  • Empowerment and Confidence: Learn positive parenting techniques that build your confidence, so you can create a harmonious family dynamic that lasts.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Book your Q&A session at a time that suits your busy schedule, ensuring you receive support when you need it the most


Extras to help you implement your child's regulation cycle in every environment!

  • Collaborating with Teachers: how to discuss your child’s regulation needs with a daycare, preschool, or kinder teacher so that everyone is on the same page and your child is receiving the support they need, even when they aren’t with you.

  • Managing Multiples: Parenting more than one kiddo can be a bit chaotic. This bonus will show you how to figure out and implement multiple kids’ regulation cycles all at the same time without becoming overwhelmed.

Ready to teach your child how to be calm, cool, and collected?

Get the Regulation Cycle Workshop

$ 70
  • Pre-Recorded 45-Minute Rough Play Workshop
  • 6 Months Access
  • LIVE Q&A with Allana
  • Bonus: Collaborating with Teachers
  • Bonus: Managing Multiples

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and no. Yes, this workshop will show you how to figure out what your child finds calming and teach them to recognize when they’re dysregulated and need to access it. But that doesn’t mean that your child will be able to instantly calm down when you tell them to. Calming down is a process, and most children still require prompts to regulate until about age 10.

Yes, absolutely! Dysregulation is a core component of ADHD (the “H” stands for hyperactivity!) Children with ADHD often struggle to identify when they’re feeling dysregulated and what to do about it, moreso than their neurotypical peers. We’ve had hundreds of families struggling with ADHD go through this process with fantastic results.

Yes, indeed! This workshop is meticulously designed with the unique needs and developmental stages of children between 2-6 years old in mind. The strategies, activities, and approaches we discuss are most applicable to this age group. However, the principles regulation can be beneficial for children of other ages as well.

We believe in empowering, not burdening parents. The strategies we teach are straightforward, practical, and easily woven into your everyday routines. No need for elaborate setups or investing hours each day. Instead, we focus on smart, sustainable changes that can fit seamlessly into your busy life.

Your convenience is paramount to us. Your workshop includes 6 months of access to the workshop- allowing you to work through the materials whenever and wherever you want! If you’d like extended access for a year, we recommend upgrading to a Class Pass.

Ready to Crack the Code on Your Kiddo's Meltdowns? Master the Regulation Cycle and Transform Tantrums into Teachable Moments! Join Us Now!

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