Hey! Does this sound familiar?

You want to stop the yelling and shaming, feel like you've got everything under control, and truly enjoy the time spent with your children.

You’re ready to learn how to take the reigns, better communicate with your kids, and finally know what to do when your child misbehaves.

The issue is that you’re swamped, you’ve barely got enough time to cook dinner, let alone time to read a bunch of parenting books that may or may not help you figure out what’s going on with your kid.

Whether you’re a divorced parent struggling to get on the same page with your ex, a new Mom dealing with colic and sleep issues, or the parent of a preschooler struggling with angry outbursts, tantrums, and defiance- I can help.

I’m Allana Robinson,

and as a parenting coach for parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers- I provide tools for parents who want to raise capable, confident, independent children without yelling, shaming, or enforcing disconnected consequences on their children.

For a decade I worked with children with special needs in the capacity of an Early Childhood Educator and Developmental Specialist doing early intervention. I spent countless hours reading the latest child development and behavioural psychology research, which I then used to create targeted behaviour and intervention plans.  After working with some of the largest agencies in Western Canada, I know a thing or two about challenging children.

As a Parenting Coach I work with parents from all walks of life who truly want the absolute best for their children- but don’t necessarily know what that means in practical, applicable terms. Parents come to me feeling stuck in a downward spiral, unable to stop the yelling (theirs or their children’s), evoke the behaviour they’d like to see their children exhibit, and wanting deep down to be confident parents- not the soulless, exhausted, banshees they’ve become.

When we inevitably part ways- I’m thrilled down to my boots that they’ve gained the tools to parent in a constructive, confident, developmentally appropriate way, with a renewed enthusiasm and all around fantastic relationship with their kids.

My goal is truly to work myself out of a job.