Dads! 3 Tips to Connect With Your Child After Pandemic Separation

Many families have reduced to a single income during the pandemic with dads disproportionately taking the breadwinner role.

Some dads have been working long hours in home while other have reduced contract with their families because they are in essential work roles.

This has left many dads with less time to connect with their kids and care for them. 

How can dads better connect with their kids? 

1. Take Over Some Household Routines

  • Dads can take over two or three routines that are at set times of the day. Routines such as bath time, breakfast, getting kids ready for the day, or even the bedtime routines.

2. Get The Kids Involved in Chores

Dads can involve their kids in indoor or outdoor chores. This can include having their kids hand them tools, picking up toys in the yard before mowing, holding the dust pan while sweeping up, or drying dishes.

This will not only give dads bonding time, but also kids will feel valued. 

3. Physical Play

  • Dads can set aside some time for physical play with their kids to relax and connect, such as playing tag or chase games, going on walks or hikes, swimming, kicking a ball around or playing catch. These activities will help both dad and kids release extra energy and stress. 

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