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Your weekly uncommon sense parenting class with Allana Robinson

Join Allana for weekly nuggets of developmentally appropriate parenting wisdom to help you parent your toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners more effectively, with less effort.

The MudRoom podcast is an audio-only version of our weekly uncommon sense parenting classes that take place on Facebook live every Wednesday at 1:30pm ET/ 12:30pm CT/ 10am PT. If you’d like a head’s up about what topics will be discussed in each class—you can subscribe to MudRoom Mail here. You can also opt to receive Facebook Messenger notifications 10 minutes prior to each broadcast.

The MudRoom airs (almost) every Wednesday at 1:30pm eastern/ 10am Pacific time live on Facebook. You can get Messenger notifications 10 minutes before every episode here.

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Guest Hosting

Are you a parenting or early childhood professional?

The MudRoom is accepting guest hosts. What’s a guest host? Basically—you’d run the show for a week! Guest hosts are needed when Allana is sick/ her kids are sick/ on vacation/ needs a break. Guest hosts are assigned a week anywhere between two months to 24 hours in advance. Guest hosts are expected to have a show ready to go when offered a slot. Hosts are added to a list and offered slots based on their position within that list. If you decline, you’ll be sent to the bottom of the list. Guest hosts are permitted (and encouraged) to offer the MudRoom participants a free content upgrade during their show. This content upgrade will be linked within the description of the live show, the podcast episode, and in the blog post/episode page.

We are particularly interested in (but not exclusively):

  • Complimentary coaches (those who work with a similar population in a different capacity.)
  • Paediatric Physical Therapists
  • Paediatric Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Paediatric Occupational Therapists
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Early Interventionists
  • Preschool Teachers
  • RDI/ PRT/ Floortime/ Self-Reg practitioners

Guest Hosts Must Have the Following:

  • An HD webcam (720p+)
  • A microphone (earbuds with inline microphone are acceptable, external USB mic such as a Blue Snowball or Yeti/ Samson bullet is preferable. Internal laptop microphones are unacceptable.)
  • A quiet, private space to record your episode live.
  • Clear lighting.
  • A highspeed internet connection with a minimum of 10mb upload speed (higher is preferred.)

To apply to be a guest host please submit the following:

  • Your name and title
  • Your email address
  • Your website URL/ Facebook page link/ Instagram link/ any other social media you participate in (including your own podcast/ blog/ live show IF you have one.)
  • Your proposed topic & why you feel the MudRoom listeners would benefit from it.
  • A transcript of your proposed show (please listen/watch past MudRoom episodes to get a feel for the format.)
  • A description of and a link to the free content upgrade you’d like to provide participants with.

Applications that are accepted will be emailed directly within one week (7 days.) Accepted applicants will either be informed of their position of the list or offered any available slots. Those put on the list will be informed of their position as it changes via email (you won’t be told you’re 31st on the list and the next day be offered a slot…you should remain aware of your position within the list.) When your application is accepted you’ll receive instructions on how to execute the show and a live stream format guide.

Tips for a successful application:

  • Listen to/ watch several existing episodes of the MudRoom and mimic the format. Episodes that are well formatted and truly ready to hit the air are most likely to be accepted.
  • Have a polished content upgrade prepared for the participants. This doesn’t need to be a special upgrade specifically designed for the MudRoom, but it should be relevant to and a natural extension of the topic you’re discussing.
  • Keep it relevant to parents of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Professionals who mainly work with children aged 6+ are not a good fit for the MudRoom.
  • Keep it evidence-based. If you make claims within your episode, be prepared with peer-reviewed references to back it up. (Better yet- link them in your application.)

We look forward to receiving your application!

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