No More Morning Battles!

Practical Steps to Independent Kids and Relaxed Mornings

Is it too much to ask to take a shower uninterrupted?!


As a dedicated parenting coach and mother, I’ve seen it all: the rushes, the tantrums, the endless negotiations. Sure, I adore spending quality time with my child, but let’s be honest, orchestrating every minute of their morning routine is exhausting and, frankly, you aren’t firing on all cylinders before you’ve had your morning brew.

Over the years, I’ve honed strategies to turn chaotic mornings into calm, independent routines for kids. And now, I’m thrilled to share these life-changing techniques with you!

Let’s transform your mornings from battles to blissful beginnings.

Enter: The Independent Morning Workshop!

Turn "Hurry Up!" Into "We're Ready!"

A smooth morning isn’t just about getting out the door on time.

It’s a meaningful opportunity to teach your kids self-reliance and problem-solving skills, while you actually get a chance to prepare for your day too.

You’ll find joy in your mornings, feeling more connected and less frazzled, when your children learn to manage their own routines.

A calm, self-sufficient morning is a win-win for everyone!

Who is this workshop perfect for?

Teaching your child to get ready for the day by themselves will:

Most importantly: fostering morning independence in your child will improve your relationship, making the time spent together more enjoyable and rewarding.

Imagine a morning where you're not racing against the clock, but instead, sipping your coffee while your child happily chooses their outfit and brushes their teeth. A morning where you're not the conductor of the chaos but a proud observer of your child's growing independence. After this workshop, this isn't just a dream—it's your new morning routine.

Here's What's Included:

The Workshop:

Unlock the Secrets of Independent Mornings in Just 30 Minutes!

A pre-recorded workshop (so you can access it at a time that works best for you) covering:

  • Capability Assessment: Learn how to evaluate your child’s current capabilities and identify tasks they can quickly become independent in.
  • Tailored Developmental Approaches: Discover personalized methods that cater to your child’s unique developmental needs, fostering confidence and self-reliance.
  • Practical Tools for Routine Management: Gain insights on implementing visual schedules and audio reminders to create a structured yet adaptable morning experience.

The Q&A:

Get Your Burning Questions About Independent Play Answered!

Join Allana for an enriching live Zoom Q&A session on January 5th at 1:30pm ET where you can connect with other parents walking the same path of nurturing responsibility in their little ones.

This session is a haven of support and guidance, designed to address your pressing concerns and help you foster a harmonious home environment. No question is too small or challenge too big when we tackle them together, leveraging Allana’s deep well of knowledge and expertise. Gain personalized strategies to navigate your child’s growth with confidence and poise. Step into a space where empathy meets authority, providing you with the insights and support to cultivate responsibility seamlessly in your child. Let’s collaborate to build a future of well-rounded individuals, starting with this engaging and informative session.


Extras to Support Your Journey to Independent Mornings.

  1. Creating Effective Visual Schedules: Step-by-step guidance on setting up a visual schedule to guide your children through their morning tasks- without having to nag!

  2. Backwards Chaining Guide: Access to a custom GPT tool to help parents break down tasks into teachable steps, fostering child independence.

Ready to give your child the gift of independent play?

Get the Independent Play Workshop

$ 50
  • Pre-Recorded 30-Minute Independent Play Workshop
  • 6 Months Access
  • 30-Minute Personal Q&A Voxer with Allana
  • Bonus: Backwards Chaining Guide
  • Bonus: How to Set Up a Visual Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

While individual results may vary, many parents start seeing positive changes within a few weeks of consistently applying the techniques taught in the workshop.

Yes, the Backwards Chaining Guide is a versatile tool that can be adapted to various routines and tasks, helping your child achieve independence in multiple areas.

Yes, the workshop includes strategies for personalizing approaches to meet the unique needs of each child, ensuring that siblings with different capabilities can both benefit.

Once the Live Q&A is complete you have options for adding on private coaching calls or applying the cost of your workshop towards your first month of ParentAbility for ongoing support. 

Yes of course! The strategies taught in this workshop allow you to begin teaching them on weekends and other times of day, and then apply it to your morning when you’re ready. Bonus: your mornings won’t be so rushed anymore once you do!

Your convenience is paramount to us. Your workshop includes 6 months of access to the workshop- allowing you to work through the materials whenever and wherever you want! Your Voxer Q&A can be booked on your schedule- and since it’s audio-only you can take it from the toilet or the top of a mountain- as long as you have wifi!

Ready to transform your mornings into moments of independence and calm? Enroll in the Independent Morning Workshop today!

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