Teach Your Child to Play Rough, Respectfully

Hands-On Fun with Hands-Off Respect:
Mastering the Balancing Act

Rumble, Tumble, and Roar.
The Rough and Tumble Life of Childhood Play!

 One minute, the kids are playfully wrestling or pretending to be superheroes, and the next thing you know, it’s tears and tantrums. Frustrating, isn’t it? You can’t halt the high-energy antics – it’s like trying to stop a charging rhino with a feather. And honestly, we shouldn’t. There’s a treasure trove of developmental benefits hidden in these rough play sessions.

But then, like clockwork, it devolves. Laughter turns to crying, boundaries get trampled, and what started as fun, ends in angst. As a parent, it can feel like you’re constantly refereeing a game that you didn’t sign up for.

Over my career as a parenting coach, early interventionist, and not to mention, a Mom, I’ve seen both sides of this rough play coin. I’ve witnessed the tremendous growth it can spark in children, but also the pandemonium that can ensue when things spiral out of control. I was resolute to find a balance.

And guess what? I did! I found a way to let kids delve into the world of rough and tumble, war, weapon, and superhero play without letting it become a battlefield. Now, I’ve shared this strategy with thousands of parents, teaching them how to maintain the magic of rough play while putting a leash on the chaos.

And now, it’s your turn! Let’s navigate this rollicking, rambunctious, rough play world together, balancing hands-on fun with hands-off respect. Ready to master the balancing act? Let’s dive in!

Unleash the Beast and Reign in the Benefits:

Welcome to the Rough Play Workshop!

Rough play isn’t just about children exploring their wild side. There’s a lot more at stake here than just fun and games.

When kids engage in rough play, it’s like their brains are on overdrive. There’s a lot more at stake here than just fun and games.

It’s an exhilarating classroom where respect for boundaries is learned, new information is explored, and language development soars.

More than a playground, it’s a gym for reasoning skills, emotional control, and self-regulation. It’s wild, but it’s not about going feral – it’s about channeling their energy into powerful growth experiences.

You can’t stop it, so you might as well embrace it!

Who is this workshop perfect for?

Teaching your child how to get consent will:

But most importantly: teaching consent in rough play is like gifting them a secret superpower – the ability to respect personal boundaries and bodily autonomy. Consent isn’t just a word, it’s a respect for others and oneself. It’s an invaluable life lesson that starts at home, on the playground.

Imagine watching your child engage in rough play, confident in their respect for others and themselves. After this workshop, you won't just imagine it—you'll witness it.

Here's What's Included:

The Workshop:

Unlock the Secrets of Consensual Rough Play in Just 30 Minutes!

A pre-recorded workshop (so you can access it at a time that works best for you) covering:

  • Why is rough and tumble, war, weapon, and superhero play important? (Rough play gets a bad rep! It’s time to debunk the myths and stand up for our little warriors when the critics come calling.)
  • The ‘Fantastic Four’ of consent steps and how to make this crucial lesson an exciting and interactive game for your kiddo!
  • How to practice consent on a daily basis without having to throw down yourself. Turn consent into a habit!

The Q&A:

Get Your Burning Questions About Rough Play Answered!

Join Allana for an exclusive 30-minute Voxer Q&A voice chat, where we tackle your toughest parenting challenges head-on, with a touch of playful informality. Say goodbye to those nagging doubts and frustration as we delve deep into understanding your child’s behavior and discover effective solutions together. With Allana’s empathetic and authoritative voice, you’ll gain the confidence and skills to raise your little one into a rough play superstar. Book your Q&A at your convenience, and let’s make parenting a joyful journey of growth and connection.

  • Personalized Guidance: Get your burning questions answered and receive tailored advice for your child’s defiance, emotional dysregulation, aggression, and social skills.
  • No More Guesswork: Understand why your child behaves the way they do, empowering you to address challenges proactively and effectively.
  • Empowerment and Confidence: Learn positive parenting techniques that build your confidence, so you can create a harmonious family dynamic that lasts.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Book your Q&A session at a time that suits your busy schedule, ensuring you receive support when you need it the most


Extras to help you implement respectful Rough Play for your child.

  • Handle Hiccups Like a Pro: A mini-workshop that arms you with effective conflict resolution strategies because, hey, learning consent is a journey, not a sprint.

  • Rough and Tumble Playbook: Your go-to guide outlining the benefits, safety measures, and key insights for engaging in healthy, energetic play.

  • Twin Social Stories: Two enlightening tales – one illuminating the steps of obtaining consent, the other teaching the importance of ‘stop’ and how to respond. Learn through stories, because every superhero has an origin story!

Ready to empower your child with the superpower of respectful rough play?

Get the Rough Play Workshop

$ 50
  • Pre-Recorded 30-Minute Rough Play Workshop
  • 6 Months Access
  • LIVE Q&A group coaching call with Allana
  • Bonus: Handle Hiccups Like a Pro
  • Bonus: Rough Play Playbook
  • Bonus: Getting Consent and Stop! Social Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this workshop is not about curbing your child’s natural tendency for rough play. In fact, research emphasizes that rough and tumble play is incredibly beneficial for children’s development in various areas. What this workshop aims to do is to guide you on setting appropriate boundaries and teaching your child the concept of consent. This way, they can engage in rough play in a safer, more respectful manner. It’s about channeling their energy effectively, not suppressing it!

Yes, absolutely! It’s important to remember that when children play rough, they’re not typically aiming to cause harm. In fact, rough play is a universal form of play observed across cultures and time periods, owing to its numerous developmental benefits. This workshop will provide you with the tools to guide your child in understanding the boundaries of rough play and the process of giving and revoking consent. This ensures not only their fun, but also the enjoyment of everyone involved!

Yes, indeed! This workshop is meticulously designed with the unique needs and developmental stages of children between 2-6 years old in mind. The strategies, activities, and approaches we discuss are most applicable to this age group. However, the principles of respectful rough play and consent can be beneficial for children of other ages as well.

We believe in empowering, not burdening parents. The strategies we teach are straightforward, practical, and easily woven into your everyday routines. No need for elaborate setups or investing hours each day. Instead, we focus on smart, sustainable changes that can fit seamlessly into your busy life.

Your convenience is paramount to us. Your workshop includes 6 months of access to the workshop- allowing you to work through the materials whenever and wherever you want! The Live Q&A will be held on August 3rd at 1:30pm ET, however if you aren’t able to attend you’ll have the option to pre-submit questions.

Ready to redefine rough play and set your little one on a path of respectful fun? Don't delay, join us today!

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