Get Them Outdoors!

Learn how to integrate OUTDOOR PLAY in a busy, tech-centered world.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane real quick…

Do you remember what it was like playing outside when you were a child?

Running around breathless, the warm sun rays beaming down on your skin, leaves crunching under your feet as you raced across the fields to your next adventure? 

You might remember sticking tiny fingers into small creeks, collecting smooth rocks found along mysterious dirt paths, or watching a line of ants heave crumbs you sprinkled in the grass back to their homes.

The world probably felt full of possibility and you were full of imagination and creativity. 

For many adults, we look back fondly on those memories of being outdoors.

Now let’s come back to the present day.

You’re likely listening to a TV buzzing in the background while a little one is watching oddly bright fruit bounce around to rave music and another child is watching a kid unwrap the latest and greatest toy on their tablet. 

And if you’re being honest, even if they showed an interest in going outside—you don’t want to be out there standing around kicking at the rocks. 

It’s just how things are now…but does it have to be this way?

I want to make it clear: this isn’t some anti-technology, “tablets and video games are evil” guilt trip. 

But this is a call to action for parents who want their kids to be able to look back in a few years and have the same magical memories of playing with Mother Nature that we do.

The list of benefits for children (and parents) to be outdoors on a regular basis is endless and we can still reap those benefits even in a tech-focused world.

I want to show you how when you join...

Get Them Outdoors!

But why outdoors, you ask?

When children play outside they’re building invaluable skills. Skills like:

And I know what you’re going to ask—why not just sign them up for swimming, ballet, coding, Karate, or chess club? Those activities can help build those same skills, right? 

You’re absolutely correct, however, you can’t replicate the natural and immersive experience that’s had outdoors.

While these calendar events and extra curricular activities have their benefits, they can be highly structured, predictable, and sometimes even limit a child’s creativity and ability to really engage and explore!

Being outdoors creates spontaneous and genuine learning experiences that our bodies naturally seek out!

There are hundreds of studies showing how being outside has physical and mental benefits too like reducing stress and calming anxiety.

There are benefits for parenting too!

And before you panic—if you’re not a person who’s naturally inclined to go trekking through the woods like you’re on an episode of Man vs Wild, that’s okay!

You don't need to be the parent taking their kids camping every weekend, hiking 10kms for fun, or kayaking down the river with your 3-year-old to benefit from being outside.

I can show you simple, easy, and fun ways to get you and your children outdoors and stay safe while exploring the wonders of Mother Nature.

When you join Get Them Outdoors! you’ll get access to:

The complete course breaking down different ways to engage outdoors + practical ways to implement this into your life.

A walk-through of skills you and your children can use to stay safe while playing outside (as well as how to help your child assess risks so you don’t have to be glued to their hip 24/7!)

Lifetime access to our peer-support Discord community where you can ask questions, join voice chats, and engage in group discussions with Joshua Johnson

And the timeless gift of letting your child/ren create beautiful memories playing free, wild, and joyful outside.

Ready to get started?

Pssst! Want to get access to Get Them Outdoors for free?  👀 Click HERE to learn more about the exclusive behaviour management membership for parents and get access to the program as a free bonus!)

I help parents and children navigate their outdoor landscape so they can reap the benefits of engaging in nature, regardless of their lifestyle or experience.

Using my years of experience in a variety of nature-centered settings, educating children using outdoor classrooms, and working alongside parenting and behavior specialist Allana Robinson, I’ll show you how to cultivate a love for outdoor play.

Got questions, got concerns? I got answers.

Here’s the thing, most families are constantly on the go, so it’s understandable that it feels like there’s no time available. I’ll show you why and how to replace those rushed to-do’s with calming moments in nature and you’ll find those pockets of time expanding all on their own.

Modern problems need modern solutions. Get Them Outdoors! was made knowing that most people aren’t living in a cozy cabin in the woods. With the help of our supportive community and some inspiration you’ll learn how to find opportunities to explore nature in a suburban world.

You could! But let’s be honest- how many times have you gone outside this week? Now how long did you awkwardly stand around swatting at mosquitoes while your kids skipped for a few minutes before calling it quits? No judgment! 

Our daily lives make it hard to know how to truly engage when being outdoors. Get Them Outdoors! will teach you how to be intentional and purposeful about your time spent outdoors (and help make it a less miserable experience as well!).

Being outside is a fantastic outlet for high-energy, sensory seeking, and curious kiddo’s. Get Them Outdoors! gives you resources, tools, and instruction to keep children safe. I can’t teach you how to wrestle a bear, but I can teach you how to avoid making one mad! 

There are plenty of pointers and tips for exploring nature in different types of weather and landscapes. Plus our amazing community of parents are always quick to help with amazing parenting hacks for those situations.

Being outside isn't always glamorous.

It’s full of dirty kids, scraped knees, bugs, risk, adventure, cold fingers, and sweating parents. 

But it’s incredibly rewarding physically, mentally, and emotionally that will have a lasting, positive impact on their childhood . 

It’s an opportunity for developmental growth for both parents and adults and you’ll see that reflected in your child’s behaviour, your relationship with each other, and your overall daily life. 

Our time spent outside is dwindling every year and with tech becoming more integrated into our daily life and more invasive. We can’t leave the outdoor experience up to chance.

Get purposeful about giving your children the gift of outdoor play.

Join Get Them Outdoors! and learn everything you need to know to make outdoor play and nature an everyday part of your life!

Get started today for $99!

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