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How to Raise Well-Behaved Kids Without Yelling, Shaming, or Time-Outs

For the parent who's done playing behaviour correction "whack-a-mole"

Flustered, frustrated, and worn out.

Does this describe your current feelings toward getting your child to “behave?”

It seems like as soon as you get one behaviour in check, another undesirable one crops up, and all efforts to lovingly correct them fly out the window after the 17th time you’ve told them not body slam you on the couch…this hour.

Now, imagine instead being able to understand the essential skills your child is missing (hence the misbehaviour) and then being able to guide them in the right direction.

Guiding your child to master the 3 essential skills is proven to create behavioural breakthroughs.

Decades of child behavioural research prove that when kids master the 3 types of skills I teach in this workshop, correcting negative behaviour gets predictably simpler.

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How to Raise Well-Behaved Kids Without Yelling, Shaming, or Time-Outs

Here’s what you’ll learn...

How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes every parent makes that are causing your child to misbehave more.

The secret to knowing when and how your child will misbehave before it happens.

My 3-step framework for raising kids who listen, are calm, and independent.

Hi, I’m Allana Robinson.

As a coach for parents of toddlers, and preschoolers, and kindergarteners—I provide tools to help parents implement non-punitive, child-centred, developmentally appropriate behaviour management in their homes, with their families without resorting to yelling, shaming, or power struggles.

For a decade I worked with children with special needs in the capacity of Early Childhood Educator and Developmental Specialist doing early intervention. As a Parenting Coach I work with families from all walks of life who truly want the absolute best for their children—but don’t necessarily know what that means in practical applicable terms. Parents come to me feeling stuck in a downwards spiral, unable to stop the yelling, shaming, and coersion—wanting deep down to be consistent, calm, confident parents.

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Stop the downward spiral of yelling, shaming and coersion to try to get your child to behave...

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How to Raise Well-Behaved Kids Without Yelling, Shaming, or Time-Outs

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