On-Demand Programs 

You don't need fluff. You need results.

The Brain Skills Play Blueprint Membership Program

$37/month (CAD)

BSPB is your ticket to developing the behaviour needed to restore peace to your family life now, and equip your child with a solid foundation they will lean on for the rest of their life. 

This membership program will bring you up to speed on exactly what executive functioning skills are, and provide simple and practical games, activities, and interaction prompts that eliminate guess work on developing them in your child.

  • A comprehensive skills inventory to see where your child is in need of support, and where they're thriving.
  • 8 video modules cover the areas of executive functions.
  • Monthly video group coaching calls.
  • ...and bonuses out the wazoo!

The Tame Your Dinnertime Masterclass

$97 (CAD)

There is nothing more anxiety-inducing than children's eating habits. Are they eating enough? Are they eating enough of the right things? How can you get your children to eat without force-feeding them or damaging their relationship with food- forever?

This 1-hour Masterclass recorded in consort with Ana-Maria Janes of Nourished Little Munchkins goes over everything you need to know about taming your mealtime battles in a productive, proactive, and most importantly- researched backed way.

Keeping Calm When Your Kids Aren't Listening

$97 (CAD)

Being a Mom is the hardest job on earth- and sometimes it doesn't matter how much you love them- you swear that if they don't start listening you're going to love your sh*t on them.  

This 1-hour Masterclass recorded with Ali Parnell of Joyful Parenting walks you through actionable steps you can take to regain care and control over your emotions in the heat of the moment and model emotional well being for our children.

Creating a Calming Bedtime Routine with Yoga and Wellness

$97 (CAD)

At bed time the last thing you want to be doing is dealing with stalling, antics, and unreasonable requests- but that's the reality of so many parents. 

In this 1-hour masterclass with Nic Russell of SouthEast Yoga and Wellbeing we go over tangible strategies to create a bedtime routine that will have your little ones relaxed and ready to drift off to dreamland.