Category: Child Development

Child Development

Why Is Boredom Important?

Today’s topic is boredom. One of the top questions I’m asked is, “How do we prevent our children from getting bored?” I understand where you’re

Child Development

Is Your Child Listening?

78% of parents saying not listening is driving them batshit crazy! Parents generally think that they have a listening issue for one of 3 reasons:1.

Child Development

3 Pillars To Getting Your Child To Behave

There is a lot of confusion about logical consequences and stress behaviour. If you aren’t familiar with Uncommon Sense Parenting, the Logical Consequence Process (LCP)

Child Development

Is My Child Growing Out Of It?

Today’s topic is the concept of “they’ll grow out of it.” Often, when I’m discussing a child’s behaviour with their parents, we’ll go through and

Child Development

Can You Use A Parenting Coach?

Today I’d like to talk about “the gap” – in other words, who “most people” are in ParentAbility. This has come up often enough that

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