The Parenting Posse: your virtual village.

Have you ever found yourself becoming the go-to person about a certain topic? I know I have a particular friend I consult with on all things DIY, another I ask all my cooking questions to, and someone totally different who I have no shame in asking advice on organizing and decluttering.

That’s basically how I created the Parenting Posse.

Four years ago when I left my job as a Developmental Specialist to go on maternity leave with my oldest son, I found myself joining tonnes of Facebook Mommy groups. I was also part of a forum for new Moms on the popular knitting site Ravelry. Because of my profession, I found myself answering question after question after question about child development, and how to modify difficult behaviours other Moms were dealing with. In several of these groups, I became the go-to person for explaining why their kids were doing what they were doing- and helping them figure out how to fix it. Which, is pretty much exactly what I did at my job. I loved it- it helped keep my skills current and my brain active, even while my physical days consisted mainly of feeding, changing, and trying to get a newborn who never slept to nap.

It was at this point that I opened the doors to the Parenting Posse. And for the last four years- it’s been my online home where I and my members help guide parents through their most difficult parenting challenges using knowledge of child development and methods I created during my 10+ years of working with children in early intervention.

Here’s what some of my members have to say about the Posse:

Cara said: Dear Allana, you and the group members have been a lifeline for me. Your advice has guided me through some very rough parenting patches and your website has provided a safe space to talk about my struggles with my toddler. I’m not very good at writing these sorts of things but please know that your group is important to me and I appreciate everything you do.

Alicia says : Allana is like a good friend who tells it to you straight but is also super knowledgeable about childhood development. I joined her Facebook group and was excited that she was offering a webinar on natural and logical consequences. She then generously offered a trial of her services for 10 days at a discount which I took advantage of. Allana made me feel encouraged and empowered in my parenting skills. She is always responding thoughtfully to posts in her Facebook group. I’m so glad I found this resource and I know the support will be helpful for my journey through parenthood!

Sound like something you want to be a part of? Come and join us! It’s FREE!!

There are some other perks to joining the Parenting Posse:

First crack at free stuff. Any free offers I make- I make them to the Posse first.

Live broadcasts. Every second Thursday night (so, twice a month) I go live for 20 minutes: usually I’m answering a question that’s shown up in the group throughout the last two weeks, sometimes it’s a Q&A, and sometimes I’m explaining a child development principle or two.

New besties! Many of my members have said that after joining the Posse and getting to know everyone in it, they’ve left EVERY OTHER PARENTING GROUP they’re a part of! We do icebreaker games every Wednesday so you can get to know everyone in a really low stress, low commitment way. Just call me your Mama Friend Matchmaker.

So what are you waiting for? And what have you got to lose? The only outcome here is becoming a better informed, more confident, and more consistent parent to your kids. And becoming connected to an active, welcoming, badass community of like-minded Moms. There is no downside.

Click to Join:

the Parenting Posse

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