SMS Policy


At Uncommon Sense Parenting, we are committed to maintaining the integrity and trust of our communications. Our SMS Notification Policy ensures that all SMS messages for notification and follow-up purposes comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Consent (Opt-In)

1. Obtaining Consent: Before sending the first message, we obtain explicit consent from the recipient. This consent is clear, documented, and specific to the type of messages we intend to send.

2. Proof of Consent: We retain records of consent, such as sign-up forms or timestamps, in accordance with local regulations and best practices.

3. Reconfirmation: If there is a significant delay between obtaining consent and sending the first message, we reconfirm consent in the initial message.


1. Sender Identification: Every message clearly identifies Allana Robinson as the sender, except in ongoing conversation threads.


1. Opt-Out Language: The initial message includes opt-out instructions, such as “Reply STOP to unsubscribe.”

2. Processing Opt-Outs: Upon receiving an opt-out request, we confirm the opt-out and cease further messages to that recipient. Consent must be reobtained for any future messaging.

Usage Limitations

1. Prohibited Content: Messages do not contain illegal, harmful, unwanted, or otherwise inappropriate content, including but not limited to:

Cannabis-related messages in jurisdictions where it is illegal.

Offers for prescription medication that cannot legally be sold over-the-counter.

Hate speech, harassment, fraud, or malicious content.

2. Country-Specific Rules: All messages comply with the local laws and regulations of the recipient’s jurisdiction.

Filtering Evasion and Violation Prevention

1. Prohibited Practices: We do not engage in practices designed to evade spam filters, such as misspelling words or using non-standard opt-out phrases.

2. Monitoring: Subject to privacy policies, message content may be monitored to ensure compliance.


1. Compliance: We work in good faith to correct any compliance issues. However, repeated or serious violations may result in suspension or removal of access to messaging services.

Periodic Messages and Ongoing Consent

1. Ongoing Consent: For ongoing communication, we periodically remind recipients of their ability to opt-out and respect their preferences regarding message frequency.

Age and Geographic Gating

1. Restricted Content: Messages related to alcohol, firearms, gambling, tobacco, or other adult content are only sent to recipients of legal age and in compliance with local laws.

By following these guidelines, we aim to maintain a respectful and compliant communication channel with our recipients, ensuring their preferences and legal requirements are always honoured.

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