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Does it ever feel like you’re caught in a game of "Whack-a-Mole" with your kiddo’s antics? Constantly tackling one behavior, only for another to pop up? Wishing you had that magical handbook that dives deep into the universe of your child's mind?

😅 I get it. Parenting is like walking on a tightrope. You're not just juggling the "dos" and "don'ts" – it's an emotional dance of compassion, boundaries, and some serious detective work. You know, figuring out those mysterious reasons behind your little one's "whys".

And, let’s be real. Life already handed you the circus 🎪 — juggling work, social expectations, and Aunt Janet's unsolicited advice. You didn’t get a degree in child psychology, so some days it feels like you’re winging it on a trapeze with no safety net.

Enter: the ParentAbility Challenge. My goal? To transform you from a well-meaning, sometimes clueless (hey, we've all been there!) parent into your kiddo's ultimate guide. Together, we'll make parenting feel less like an unpredictable rollercoaster and more like a delightful dance 💃.

Dive in and discover the joy of raising an awesome mini-you who thrills you every step of the way!

Introducing the 6-Day ParentAbility Challenge

Ready to shake things up a bit?

The ParentAbility Challenge is your ticket to unveil and tackle those sneaky parenting pitfalls. Guided by yours truly – Allana, your friendly neighborhood early childhood educator and parenting coach – you’re in for a treat! I’ve been on this wild ride with thousands of parents, helping them shift from “Whew, this is hard!” to “Wow, I’ve totally got this!” 🚀. Let’s do this together and make parenting the fun-filled journey it’s meant to be!

In the realm of child behavior, Allana Robinson is no stranger to the limelight. Featured on major news giants like CTV and Global, her insights have made waves. Having graced several high-profile stages, Allana’s expertise is celebrated and trusted across the globe.

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Building these skills works...

Yes, you read that right! Dive into a 6-day journey set to reshape how you parent, and guess what? It won't cost you a dime. Because we're firm believers that every parent should have a seat at the table of game-changing strategies.

– In-depth understanding of parenting mistakes

– Practical daily action steps

– Strategies to improve your child’s behavior

– Confidence in your parenting skills

Here's What We'll Be Covering, Day By Day!

Day 1 – Understanding your Child’s Behavioural Complexity

On the first day of our 6-day challenge, we dive into the fascinating world of your child’s behavior. We introduce a game called Behavioral Tetris to help you understand and navigate their unpredictable twists and turns. The key topics for today are:

1. Introduction to Behavioural Tetris: Learn how toddlerhood is like fitting unpredictable pieces together in a game of Tetris.

2. Recognizing Patterns: Understand why certain behaviors may not fit perfectly and learn how to guide them into place through facilitation.

3. Identifying Challenging Behaviours: Reflect on your child’s most challenging behaviours and document specific instances that trigger these behaviours.

Day 2 – Tools: Thinking


On day two, we focus on teaching critical thinking skills to our children by guiding their behaviour instead of simply telling them what not to do. The key topics for today are:

1. Positive Direction: Discover the power of positive instructions and problem-solving questions as effective alternatives to negative commands.

2. Controlled Choices: Learn how offering controlled choices can facilitate desired behaviors without trapping or distracting your child.

3. Modelling Positive Thinking Skills: Reflect on your own thinking patterns and aim to model positive thinking and stellar problem-solving skills for your child.

Day 3 – Tools: Stress

Today, we explore the often underestimated impact of stress on our children’s behavior. By identifying hidden stressors and creating a haven of calmness at home, we can better manage, reduce, and understand stress for a happier family vibe. The key topics for today are:

1. Understanding Stressors:
Learn about different categories of stressors that influence behaviour in various ways.

2.Stress Journal:
Keep track of recurring triggers or patterns by maintaining a journal noting down any stressors experienced by both you and your child.

3. Mitigating Stress:
Brainstorm strategies to mitigate or eliminate some of the identified stressors in order to create a more peaceful environment for your family.

Day 4 –  Tool: Skills 

On day four, we delve into executive functioning skills that are vital for tasks such as paying attention, organizing, planning, and regulating emotions. By nurturing these skills through play-based activities and interactions, we can help our children overcome challenges and promote their growth. The key topics for today are:

1. Understanding Executive Functioning Skills:
Explore the eight categories of executive functioning skills.

2. Building Skills Through Play:
Discover various games and activities that can be used to develop specific executive functioning skills in a fun-filled manner.

3. Consistent Practice:
Chart out dedicated time each day to practice these skills with your child while ensuring it remains enjoyable rather than feeling like a chore.

Day 5 – Effective Communication


Today is all about mastering effective communication with our little ones. By communicating effectively we can build trust,respectful relationships,and create a safe space for expression. The key topics for today are:

1.Active Listening:
Learn how active listening goes beyond hearing by truly understanding what your child is expressing.

2.Validating Feelings:
Acknowledge every emotion expressed by your child as valid regardless of its intensity or nature.

3.Precise Language & Leading Questions :
Use clear language when giving directions or commenting on situations. Ask leading questions instead of issuing commands, to prompt critical thinking from your child’s end.

Day 6 – Becoming Experts on Your Child


On the final day of our challenge, it’s time to become true experts on our children. By understanding the why behind their behavior, we can connect with them on a deeper level and build trust in our parent-child relationship.
The key topics for today are:

1. Trust Your Intuition:
Recognize that you are the foremost expert on your child and trust your innate understanding of their needs.

2. Reflecting on Growth:
Take a moment to reflect on the progress you have witnessed in your child throughout this challenge while identifying areas that may require further attention.

3. Embrace ParentAbility:
Consider joining ParentAbility, where you can dive deeper into each topic covered during this challenge through daily coaching, learning resources, and community support.

Are You Ready to Become a More Informed, Confident Parent?

In just six days, you could see significant improvement in your child’s behavior and your approach to parenting. Join thousands of satisfied parents and start your transformation journey now. Hurry, the journey to more effective parenting begins soon!

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