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All-Access Key to 2023 Workshops

Never worry about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) ever again.

The Class Pass grants you a golden ticket to EVERY workshop released in 2023. Learn on your timeline, without the looming fear of missing the party. Enjoy a treasure trove of resources at your fingertips, fuelling your understanding of child development and letting you lay down the groundwork for your kiddo’s shining future.

Workshops Already Released This Year:

  • The Regulation Cycle Workshop
  • The Independent Play Workshop
  • The Respectful Rough Play Workshop

Possible Future Topics*:

  • Coming When Called
  • Sharing
  • Deployment Parenting
  • Natural and Logical Consequences
  • Getting ready and out the door in a timely manner
  • Getting ready for kindergarten
  • Teaching problem solving
  • Teaching kids to clean up

*Class Pass holders get to request and vote on workshop topics, so these are just possibilities!

Live Q&A Sessions

No Question Too Small! Score advice from a seasoned parenting coach with a 17-year track record.

The Class Pass brings live Q&A sessions to your living room. Have a burning question at 3 am about what to do about the fact that you don’t have a play room? Or maybe, you’re wondering how to handle your toddler’s new-found artistic endeavor on your walls? Our live Q&A sessions have got you covered.

Shoot us your burning queries about your little one’s behaviour. Arm yourself with the confidence that comes from informed parenting and enrich your toolkit to support your child.

Workshop Topic Requests

Your wish, my command.

Ever wanted to pick the topic of a workshop? ‘The Class Pass’ lets you do exactly that—suggest topics to tailor-make our content to your needs. Dive into workshops laser-focused on your situation, making it a cinch to implement learnings and catalyze positive transformations in your kiddo.

Vote on Workshop Topics

Your vote, your voice.

Wish you had a magic wand to conjure up content that truly speaks to you? Your wish is our command! With The Class Pass, your vote shapes the content we create. Join the ranks of proactive parents who are making a real difference in the way we perceive and approach parenting.

12-Month Extended Access

No rush, only relax.

With The Class Pass, the learning never stops! Enjoy 12-month extended access to all the workshops and keep the enlightenment flowing. Whether it’s 3 am pacifier crises or afternoon tantrums, you’ll have expert advice right at your fingertips to navigate the rollercoaster of parenting with confidence and grace.

What Results Can You Experience with The Class Pass?

Don't let this golden ticket slip away! Seize the opportunity to access every parenting workshop released in 2023. Hop on board with The Class Pass and embrace the transformation from a questioning parent to a confident guide for your child's journey. Sign up today and let the empowerment begin!

As a Parenting Coach, I've stood shoulder-to-shoulder with parents navigating the wild, wondrous terrain of raising kids.

It’s a journey packed with adventure, but sometimes the compass seems to spin wildly. Tantrums erupt like sudden storms, picky eating habits crop up like stubborn weeds, sibling rivalry crackles like wildfire — it’s easy to feel adrift amidst these challenges. Parents often seek solace in books and blogs, but are greeted by a confounding cacophony of advice.

Here’s where The Class Pass steps in: your ultimate survival kit in the parenting wilderness. An all-access golden ticket to every nugget-filled parenting workshop dropping in 2023. Our workshops are sleek, streamlined, and power-packed, each zooming in on a specific hiccup or hurdle. Struggling to coax your little one into the magical world of independent play? Or maybe trying to get them to respond when their name rings through the air? There’s a workshop geared up to guide you through.

The Class Pass isn’t just an all-in-one pass, it’s a lifeline woven with love, just for parents. It bundles up our knowledge-rich workshops in a cost-effective package, easing your mind and wallet. It frees you from the dizzying task of picking and choosing — simply dive in and lap up the wisdom. 

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Who is this pass for?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Class Pass is your golden ticket to a treasure trove of parenting wisdom! It grants you exclusive access to every workshop released in 2023, covering a wide range of topics designed to help you navigate the wild ride of parenting with confidence. You also receive access to all Live Q&A calls, workshop requesting privileges, and voting rights on our next topic.

Buckle up, because the Class Pass is your key to an exciting journey that spans beyond the horizon. It offers a generous validity period, providing you with access to every workshop released in a calendar year. For already released workshops you’ll receive 12 months of access from your date of purchase, for workshops released until the end of the year you’ll get 12 months of access from the date they’re released to the public.

For example: If you purchase a class pass in September 2023, you’ll receive instant access for 12 months to any workshops released between January and the date of purchase (till September 2024.) If, for instance, a workshop is released in November- you’ll receive access for 12 months from the release date (till November 2024) for that workshop.

Get ready for a smorgasbord of parenting knowledge! The Class Pass delivers workshops that cater to various aspects of parenting, addressing topics like handling aggression, mastering sleep issues, and tackling a whole range of parenting challenges. From the serious to the hilarious, we’ve got you covered!

Workshops that have already been released this year:
The Regulation Cycle Workshop [link]
The Independent Play Workshop [link]
The Respectful Rough Play Workshop [link]

Possible topics coming later this year:
Teaching kids to come when called
Natural and Logical Consequences
Independently getting ready and out the door
Problem solving
Picking the right childcare for your family
Teaching kids to clean up

*Remember: Class Pass holders get to vote every month on what topic will be released next, so these aren’t set in stone.

The beauty of the Class Pass lies in its flexibility. Our workshops are pre-recorded, allowing you to dive into the transformative content at your convenience. No need to rush or worry about missing out – you’re in control of your learning journey!

Brace yourself for a wave of fresh insights! New workshops will be released every 2 months. Workshops will be released in September and November 2023.

You call the shots, parent! With the Class Pass, you have the freedom to watch the workshops at your own pace. No need to adhere to a rigid schedule – simply sit back, relax, and learn whenever it suits you best.

Every parent deserves support, including those with children who have special needs. While the workshops cover a wide range of topics, it’s important to note that individual circumstances may vary. Everything taught in the workshops is based on my experience with children with a wide variety of needs, disabilities, and diagnoses in early intervention, established best practice, and evidence. Suggestions are included to account for various sensory needs. We recommend consulting with professionals who specialize in your child’s specific needs for tailored advice.

Community is key! While our workshops are pre-recorded, we provide opportunities for interaction and connection. Live Q&A calls with Allana offer a chance to engage, ask questions, and learn from the collective wisdom of other parents in a supportive and inclusive environment.

If you’ve already purchased an individual workshop that is included in The Class Pass, we’ve got you covered! The Class Pass extends your access to that workshop by an additional 6 months, giving you more time to dive deeper into the content and reinforce your learning. However, please note that refunds are not offered for individually purchased workshops, as The Class Pass provides significant added value and access to a wealth of additional workshops. So, rest assured, you’ll still benefit from the extended access and the opportunity to explore more transformative content with The Class Pass.

Alright, let's get real for a moment. Parenting? Tough as nails.

It’s like a rollercoaster that never seems to stop, leaving you exhausted, frustrated, and occasionally questioning your sanity. We get it. But fear not, dear parent, because The Class Pass is here to save the day!

Picture this: Your child, happily playing on their own, responding promptly when you call their name – it’s like a dream come true! And with The Class Pass, that dream can become your reality. You’ll be armed with the tools, strategies, and expert guidance to tackle those sticky parenting situations with finesse.

But here’s the scoop: The Class Pass’s limited time offer won’t stick around forever. Don’t let frustration and overwhelm steal the show. Invest in yourself, your child, and the incredible journey that lies ahead.

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