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How to Get Your Kids to Listen and End Tantrums Without Stickers, Counting to 3, or Losing your Shit

“I’m going to count to 3! One…two…THREE!

How many times have you made it to three and had your child just stare at you, grinning- daring you to do something.

They’ve called your bluff.

Truthfully you actually didn’t know what would happen after you got to three. You were just hoping they could hear you were using your “serious” voice and follow directions for once. 

But now you’re standing in the middle of the your living room after your child has tossed all their toys in a screaming fit- they go back to tossing the toys, you have to think of some kind of follow through. 

So you go back to what you know and the struggle of getting them to stay in time out begins.

Or you end up yelling (because that seems like the way only they actually listen), which you know will stir up all kinds of guilt later.

And even though you and your child eventually get past this moment, that feeling lingers. 

The feeling that you’ve lost control of your child’s behavior and parenting just really, really sucks right now. 

If you’ve been feeling perpetually flustered, frustrated, and worn out than it’s time for you to register for this free class. 

Ready for a change?

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How to Get Your Kids to Listen and End Tantrums Without Stickers, Counting to 3, or Losing your Shit

Here’s what you’ll learn...

My simple 3-step framework for raising well-behaved, independent kids who listen. That means spending less time shouting at them to “stop that” and more time enjoying being a family.

The 3 big mistakes every parent makes that causes your child misbehave and how to avoid making them. Once you nail this, you’ll be able to stop playing the guessing game about which discipline technique might work and start being confident and prepared for any meltdown.

Plus the secret to knowing when and how your child will misbehave before it happens. ‘Cause there’s nothing quite as sweet as stopping a tantrum dead in its tracks.

Hi, I’m Allana Robinson.

As a coach for parents of toddlers, and preschoolers, and kindergarteners—I provide tools to help parents implement non-punitive, child-centred, developmentally appropriate behaviour management in their homes, with their families without resorting to yelling, shaming, or power struggles.

For a decade I worked with children with special needs in the capacity of Early Childhood Educator and Developmental Specialist doing early intervention. As a Parenting Coach I work with families from all walks of life who truly want the absolute best for their children—but don’t necessarily know what that means in practical applicable terms. Parents come to me feeling stuck in a downwards spiral, unable to stop the yelling, shaming, and coersion—wanting deep down to be consistent, calm, confident parents.

Stop the downward spiralof yelling, shaming and bribes to try to get your child to behave...

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How to Get Your Kids to Listen and End Tantrums Without Stickers, Counting to 3, or Losing your Shit

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